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Cat Context 83: Finishing The Taken King; Prepping for content in SWTOR; Raids in GW2?!



This week Liore, Arolaide, and Ellyndrial have been playing games! Yes, actual video games that are not Dragon Age!

After dabbling around with a new character in the previous podcast episode, Elly has played through all of the expansion story now in Destiny: The Taken King. He answers our important questions like, “Did you find the King?” and “Where was he taken?”. We talk about Destiny’s end-game, which seems to be gear and reputation grinds like every other MMO-that-says-they’re-not-an-MMO. Elly is still having fun though, and seems pretty pleased with The Taken King overall.

Aro has been playing SWTOR again and talks about some of the upgrades and changes the game has received lately, including simplifying gear stats. We review what little we know about the rapidly approaching Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion, and talk about how Aro is prepping for the new content.

Meanwhile, Liore has been dabbling in Guild Wars 2 and also preparing for its coming expansion, which includes… wait, they’re putting raids in Guild Wars 2? Is that really a good idea? Liore argues that while she can understand there being a need for difficult PvE content, raids introduce a culture that is not exactly in line with GW2’s history.

Also, Elly ponders his plans for Extra Life! Liore is freaked out by SOMA! Aro takes in-game cooking very seriously!

This podcast is also available in unedited form as a video. Behold:

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