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Cat Context 102: No Mans Sky, Overwatch, Stranger Things


On this week’s episode…

Elly bought No Man’s Sky! He talks about his own experiences with the game, and we try to define the careful line between hype and untruths.

Aro is oddly charmed by Overwatch! She insists there is story and characterization and robots who make you cry in an art way.

Liore has finished the pre-patch quests for WoW’s Legion expansion, and she wants to talk SPOILERS. Also, this is why you don’t mess with alternate timelines in your game, you guys.

All three of us have watched Stranger Things, and yes, those intro credits are totally sweet.

This podcast is also available as an unedited video:

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Bullet Journalling: my first spreads

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Saturday Transmog Fashion Show

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