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Cash Shop Shaming: Round 3!


In honor of Black Friday I thought it might be time for another round of Liore’s Public Cash Shop Shaming, or looking at how much I’ve spent on “free to play” games. The last reckoning was in June, so we have a lot of months to cover! On the other hand, during those months I’ve been on a tight budget so I don’t think I’ve been toooo bad…

$4.99 – 6 Magic Stones in Puzzles & Dragons (August)
$.99 – 5 Magic Stones in Puzzles & Dragons (November)
$10.00 – Guild Wars 2 Gems (October)

TOTAL: $15.98

Huh. That’s it. I’ve been scrupulously good about just using gold to unlock adventures in Hearthstone, and now thanks to the Google Opinions app I can sell consumer questionnaire answers in exchange for Google Play credit. Now the stones I plan on buying on Sunday for the newest P&D Players Choice Godfest won’t come out of my actual wallet!

As for the results of said purchases, I don’t recall what I got from the August Magic Stones, but I assume it wasn’t too impressive. (Aside to P&D fans: I’m hoping for a Bastet and a Pandora from this weekend’s PCGF.) I actually surprised myself with the GW2 gem purchase as it’s not a game that I’m reeeeeeally into, but there was a sale on wings, see, and I’m only human.

Guild Wars 2-2015-11-27 12_20_46

Sorry for the surprisingly shame-free edition of Cash Shop Shaming. I’ll try harder in December!

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BLSR 2: Last Shift, The Stranger, Dark Places

Jessica and Max are back for another episode of the Black Lodge Screening Room. Very scary, kids! This week we’re talking about three new-to-streaming titles: The Stranger, Last Shift, and Dark Places, or vampires, satanic cults, and mass murder…

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