So What Now?

Tonight in Heroic Naxx we took the suggestion of our resident troublemaking pally and attempted Gothik by keeping everyone on the Live Side and just burning down all of the Dead Side with an AoE and a prayer when the gates opened. It was chaos, death, and a hell of a lot of fun. The fact that we’ve started making up our own dumb achievements, though, just drives home the point that plain ol’ farming Naxx for the next eight weeks or so until Ulduar comes out will probably drive everyone insane.

gothik 150x150 So What Now?I was in such a tizzy to kill Heroic Malygos that I didn’t really give any thought to what would come next. For the first time ever, my guild finds itself virtually done with the existing content (only Sarth 3D on normal and heroic remains). We got started late in WoW Classic, and were working on Illidan when 3.0 hit. So here we are, all geared up and no place to go.

I can come up with two things to keep folks interested: bringing alts, and doing the heroic raid meta achievement. Unfortunately these two goals are in many ways mutually exclusive — you’re probably not going to take a raid with 15 newbie alts and try for the 3 minute Patchwerk achievement. And some of the heroic raid achievements need specific groups, whether it’s stacking DPS or just bringing 20 people.

The answer I think we’ve found for now is to alternate achievement and alt weeks. It’s odd to be considering alts already — usually our “alt-friendly” runs are for instances the tier below the one we’re working on, not current content. WotLK is a whole new raid game, though, and little fun, a little serious business for the progression-minded.. that along with a dollop of patience should get us through the content dry spell. Fingers crossed.


Love is in the air! Adventures of Desdarii has a really good overview of this year’s event, including quests and achievements.

Author: Jessica Cook

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