RIFT Costume Fashion Show!

One of the things I love to do in RIFT is devise new costumes for my characters. When the game launched back in 2011 there was no wardrobe (although there was a nice dye system) and the costume options were weird and funny looking. Fortunately for those of us who love hats, over time Trion added a wardrobe with up to 12 different outfit slots, the ability to change the appearance of weapons, and an expanded selection of costume gear.

I would love to see some more over-the-top fantasy costume pieces — RIFT’s artists tend towards a gritty, ornate aesthetic — but there’s a good bit of flexibility. Anyway, below are three of my favorite outfits for Mercredi the cleric. Have a great weekend!

2013 07 05 00 12 54 RIFT 188x500 RIFT Costume Fashion Show!

I think of this as the nomad warrior look. The mask/hat combo is the Flame Mask from the annualĀ Carnival of the Ascended event. The armor is part of the Defiant guard uniform, which you used to get through Veteran rewards but I assume it’s part of the new Loyalty system now. The uniform is dyed Dark Red. I like this outfit, but it’s also one that other people wear and I just don’t like being twins.


2013 07 05 00 14 08 RIFT 200x500 RIFT Costume Fashion Show!

This is my Victorian cyberpunk look. The mask/hat combo is yet another offering from the Carnival of the Ascended event, this time the Planar Mask. The dress is the Wedding Garb, undyed. I lucked out with the shoulders — they just happened to be what I was wearing way back when I first worked on this outfit, and I think they really tie it all together. I love this costume a lot a lot a lot, but I’ve been wearing it for at least a year now and I’m kinda tired of lookin’ at it.


2013 07 05 00 10 57 RIFT 405x500 RIFT Costume Fashion Show!

Look at that hat. Just look at it. It has a crown and giant wing-like things and feathery objects sticking out everywhere and a metallic nose guard. It’s amazing. It’s an achievement reward for doing all of the major zone events in Ember Isle. By default the hat is colored red and green, which while gloriously hideous is also hard to match without looking like a Christmas elf so I spent 32 platinum (quite a bit for me!) to buy White Dye and tone it down to silver. The top is from one of the Premium jester sets, which means I spent 400 of my subscriber credits on it. I am slightly full of shame.

I think I need to find an ostentatious gold staff to really tie this look together.

Author: Jessica Cook

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  1. I am not playing rift and have no idea how much you spent on the third outfit. But i can say: it looks awesome! :)

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  2. fantastic! (: what are the leggings in the last image?

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