Cat Context Episode 30: A Bouquet of Weiners

Liore abandoned the podcast this week, so Elly and Aro had to step in and make something awesome. We were once again joined by friend of the show Corr, who stopped by to offer disapproving glances on Liore’s behalf. Elly has done his best editor impression, so be sure to file a complaint with the management if something sounds off.

Aro and Elly let loose about their recent time (back) in Warcraft, and why Pet Battles are actually pretty fun! Corr offered up some insights on Kerbal Space Program, and we talked about the first few days of the Steam Summer Sale. As usual, we eventually devolved into talking about Free to Play business models and the things we don’t like about them.

And now, here are a pair of images for Liore:

weiner bouquet 2 Cat Context Episode 30: A Bouquet of Weiners

Traditional Weiner Bouquet

weiner Cat Context Episode 30: A Bouquet of Weiners

Modern Weiner Bouquet

(Oh god, Liore, come back soon! I was wrong about editing!)


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Author: Jessica Cook

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  1. The best gear in SWTOR is all in the shop? Er, not really? It’s all cosmetic and I guess you could argue that it looks better than the crafted stuff on average, but you guys make it sound kind of misleading…

    Also, I think you mean Wiener, not Weiner. As someone who’s actually from Wien, this is a bit of a peeve of mine. :P
    Shintar´s last post: Level 50 Flashpoint Nerfs

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    • The joke there is that that image is disgraced ex-Congressman Anthony Weiner with the flowers. :)

      When I say that the best gear is in the shop, I mean in my experience — which was before Hutt Cartel — the shop was the only place to get low-level modular armor, which is always best. If you can craft modded bracers for level 10 now that’s awesome, but that didn’t used to be available.

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      • I thought I was missing some kind of joke with that second picture. :P

        Actually I think the lowest level crafted bracers are still “only” level 15. I won’t deny that the cartel market has hurt crafting, but if this is the kind of thing that you consider an absolute deal-breaker all I can say is… we clearly have some very different priorities in MMOs.
        Shintar´s last post: MMO Blogging

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        • No, cash shop hurting crafters is not an absolute dealbreaker — on its own. My issues with SWTOR’s business model are many and varied and it’s the entire package that makes it the absolute worst of all F2P models running for me.
          Aro´s last post: Reflections on the free-style Old Republic

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  2. I apologize to all the listeners for my slacker internet connection during this recording. I take full responsibility for not being able to reign in the endless talk about wow pokemon.

    Also, Elly thanks for the little easter egg at the end.

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