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Legion is p. good

So far I’ve made friends with a baby blue dragon and jumped off a cliff in Highmountain to levitate all the way to Val’sharrah and I hung out with Tyrande and Malfurion and I taught a gnome how to hunt and I covered myself in bones and seaweed to sneak past a giant helldog and I participated in a duel on the top of a mountain and I found a job for a mana zombie tailor and I fought a giant half-lady, half-squid on a rocking boat in the middle of a storm and I adopted a jellyfish and I took orders from the floating head of Khadgar and I discovered an inter-dimensional breakfast nook and I went to Valhalla to fight a god with fire for a beard and I pet a baby lamb and the lamb liked it.

So it’s been pretty good so far.

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The hashtag #7favfilms started making the rounds on Twitter yesterday, and while I did eventually come up with a list, it made me reflect upon what “favorite” really means for movies. I mean, I can write a list of movies…

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Bullet Journalling: my first spreads

You may have seen the post on Dragons and Whimsy last week about planners, and there must be something in the air because my social circles have been all about bullet journals. Obviously I was going to get involved…

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