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Legion is almost upon us and I am mostly ready


Blizzard has announced that tomorrow WoW players will get the pre-patch for Legion. It’s the beginning of the expansion roll-out, with an eye on August 30th as the official full launch date.

As with most things Legion-related, I haven’t paid attention to many of the details leading up to this moment. Like, I think that all of the Legion class changes will be implemented tomorrow. I could have looked it up before writing this post, but I’m lazy and kind of enjoying my new niche as the World’s Most Apathetic WoW Player.

That’s fine in theory, but a little concerning as someone who still has two weeks of LFG Hellfire Citadel to run to finish her legendary ring. LFG is interesting at the best of times, but now we’ll all be discovering new class skills too! I apologize in advance for everyone dying. (That’s a joke: there are no apologies in LFG, which is part of the charm of the format.)

I have two-ish HFC runs and a couple of naval battles left for my legendary ring, which should be easy enough to accomplish in the next month. Last week I finally finished Draenor Pathfinding, a.k.a the flying skill achievement. Say what you will about the state of flying in World of Warcraft — and by this I mean “say what you will” on someone else’s blog because I don’t wanna hear it — but earning this achievement was extremely satisfying in a way that rarely happens in MMOs nowadays.

I ended up buying a half dozen Medallions of the Legion at the end just to skip a few days of daily quests and get it all done, but in general I just farmed everything else and it was pretty enjoyable. Even Saberstalkers rep was done in an afternoon thanks to multiple server-hopping groups!

Aside from HFC runs, I’m working on some easy mount farms, namely finishing up Anglers rep from Pandaria tonight for a waterbug mount, and farming Sethekk for that dang raven mount. I soloed Ulduar for a shot at Mimiron’s head over the weekend, and I forgot just what a delight it is to walk into raids that you slaved over as a group and idly AoE everything down.

I have been swept up in group planning for Legion*, so it looks like I may buy it after all. I at least in part blame Wilhelm, who pointed out that with the Amazon Prime pre-order discount the expansion is $40, which is entirely reasonable.

Anyway, casual reporting in, on track to be ready for new mounts and hats and achievements in a month.

* Are you Horde and want to do Mythic 5-mans? You should maybe talk to me or Murf. Maybe. I dunno, man.

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