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CAPITALISM! Or games are on sale again.


Hello, friends! Almost 3 months ago I said I was taking a break to write a book and worry about a health issue. For the latter point, I can say that all news was good news, and you haven’t seen the last of old Liore, I tell you what.

As for the first subject.. well, it turns out that writing a book is hard. I have a really great outline and some random 2000 word snippets but in practice books take a LOT of words. I have spent many years being paid to get a lot of meaning across in as few words as possible, so writing many words has turned out to be a challenge.

But I miss blogging, and I miss you, reader person. As hinted at in a previous rant I’m going to write less about games and more about movies and television and stuff that I like. However, today is Monday, and the blogging fingers are rusty, so allow me to stick to a tried and true topic: spending money to own video games.

Reasons why I haven’t bought anything in the Steam Summer Sale despite there being some very good deals on great games:

  • I want Stardew Valley in theory, but it’s just 20% off and I’m stubborn about only buying deep discounts in sales.
  • I bought Final Fantasy X/X-2 during the half-price Squeenix sale, but for PS4 as it seemed like a good summer couch game. (I’ve played an hour so far and internet, we need sit down sometime and talk about Tidus’ pants.)
  • I am fairly certain that I’m going to buy Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma on Steam for its launch day at full price. Yes, full price. I just want it nooooooow, okay?
  •  I’ve had too many angry Magic Stone purchases lately in Puzzle and Dragons. (Aside to PAD players: I’m buffing up my new ADQXQ team and it is badass.)
  • I’m trying to knock off the flying quest chain and the legendary quest chain in WoW before the pre-patch next month (probably) invalidates both. I haven’t bought Legion, and I don’t intend to at the moment, but I do love me some long grindy, grindy quest chains.

This all being said, The TALOS Principle is $9.99 in this Steam sale, so it seems pretty likely I’ll get that before the sale ends.

Tada, game blog! Next post I’ll write about how I can’t stop writing about how good Mr. Robot is, and confess to my deep, shameful crush on broken individual Elliot Alderson.



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