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Cat Context 96: Heroes of the Dorm, Overwatch Beta, Liore gets a PS4


This week Liore, Elly, and Aro sit down to talk about eSports, the history of the first person shooter, and PS4 101.

Liore went to see the Heroes of the Dorm eSports competition in Seattle, and she reports back on her experience. There were a lot of bright lights and loud noises, and occasionally the crowd cheered at inscrutable things! Overall she had a good time, though, and encourages other newbies to check out any eSports events that happen to show up in their hood.

Meanwhile, the Overwatch Beta stress test was last weekend. All three of our intrepid hosts downloaded the game, and… none of them played even a moment of it. Liore talks about her concerns about the community, while Aro could not be less interested in an FPS. Elly recalls back to his misspent college years playing a lot of Counterstrike, and all three talk about how finding a good server community was pretty essential to having a great time back in the day. Will Overwatch find its own community, or is it relying on the limping body of WoW’s social network?

After threatening to do so for months, Liore finally bought a PS4! As a lifelong desktop game player, she is a little confused and concerned by the console gaming paradigm. Where’s the Steam store?! Does she really have to buy — ugh — physical media? Weeeeird.

Also, Liore is tired of every damn gadget wanting her Netflix info! Elly forgets to talk about HoloLens! Aro is locked in a room with an angry cat!

We had a slight audio mishap this week, so forgive the lesser sound quality.

This podcast is also available as an unedited video:

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