Herding Cats was created in December, 2008 by a Canadian woman with weird hair named Liore. She is also occasionally known as Jessica Cook. Herding Cats and all of Liore’s creative efforts are part of her company Totally Legit Publishing.

From 2006 – 2011, Liore was guild master and occasional raid leader for her casualcore raiding guild Machiavellis Cat. Although the Cats are no longer a WoW raid guild, they remain fast friends and still hang out together to this day.

Liore’s favorite non-MMO games include the Mass Effect Trilogy, SpaceChem, and any city builder. She generally likes RPGs and games with a great story. In MMOs she has played:

  • World of Warcraft: Liore, 90 Goblin priest; Lunedi, 85 Troll shaman
  • RIFT: Mercredi, 60 Kelari cleric; Accolade, 50 Eth rogue; Certainty, 35 Dwarf mage
  • SWTOR: Panacea, 50 Human agent
  • TERA: Cadmium, 40 High Elf priest
  • Final Fantasy XIV: Aesa Lioresdottir
WoW: Liore
WoW: Lunedi
RIFT: Mercredi
RIFT: Certainty

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