A Totally Serious Guide to Firelands

I think I’ve mentioned before that for the most part my newly returned WoW guildies skipped the last half of Cataclysm. With that in mind this weekend we’ve got a handful of max-level folks going to Firelands for the very first time. It sounds… warm!

Ellyndrial isn’t able to make it but as a former Firelands raid leader he did manage to post some boss tactics for our noob group, and I felt I should share them today on a sunny silly Friday. Have a great weekend!


Ellyndrial’s Guide to Firelands Boss Fights


Dude with dogs
– Keep the dogs away from the boss, sometimes they try to eat someone.

Spider whatsit
– Kill all the spiders, some people kill the boss, or more likely fall down the holes.

Gatekeeper something or other that stands in front of a gate
– Literally no idea.

Firebird with flying moonkin and rolling balls
– Don’t stand in the fire. Seriously, stop standing in the fire. Also, kill the balls. Also some people fly and get rings of doom and hooray.

– Steering is hard.

Dude who drops the sweet fire-cat druid staff that all the hunters always steal
– Everyone stands in when he’s a scorpion, everyone spreads out when he’s a cat, repeat.

Ragnaros has LEGS?!
– Sort of complicated, but mostly don’t get hit by the hammer and don’t get hit by the fire. Unless it’s your job.

(PS: You can find Elly on the Cat Context podcast or his blog That Angry Dwarf.)

Author: Jessica Cook

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  1. “Ragnaros has LEGS?!”


    The other thing I’d add here is “Do NOT let ANY adds touch the hammer!”

    Also maybe “ZOMG METEORS,” like my DBM always says.
    Prinnie Powah┬┤s last post: WoD is TRYING To Piss Me Off

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