Cat Context Episode 16: Best and Worst Experiences of 2012

2012 is almost over so it seems a good time for a little summary of our best and worst gaming experiences of the year. What did we love playing? What made us crazy with frustration? Liore, Aro, and Elly sat down to share their personal hits and misses. Highlights include comparing puzzle game SpaceChem to hardcore raiding, praising immersive narratives in games, and Arolaide’s one-woman crusade to beat Bubble Witch.

We also come out in favor of the Humble THQ Bundle, and cheerfully discuss the “dong size” slider in Saint’s Row the Third. We also have a feedback phone number! Call (347) 565-4673 (aka 347-56LIORE) and tell us what your favorite gaming experience of 2012 was. Thanks to Valkav for being our first caller!

Best and Worst summaries below if you don’t like surprises:

Best Experiences: Assassin’s Creed: Revelations, Assassin’s Creed 3, Heroes of Might & Magic 6, Mass Effect 3
Worst Experience: Mobile games that try to extract money from you, like Bubble Witch

Best Experiences: Journey, The Walking Dead, Mass Effect 3, Spec Ops: The Line
Worst Experience: “Readiness” in Mass Effect 3

Best Experiences: SpaceChem, The Walking Dead, Mass Effect 3
Worst Experiences: Always-on DRM — Diablo III, I’m talking to you.

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Author: Jessica Cook

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    • Thanks, Doone! I got your voicemail, and it’ll be on the next show. :)

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  1. I realize that SW:TOR came out mid Dec 2011; but my gameplay was almost all in 2012.

    Best experiences: Leveling up a Sith Sorcerer in SW:TOR. Compelling storyline, complex morality (who knew it was hard to be evil?), and just the right degree of difficulty.

    Worst experience: End game SW:TOR. For all that Bioware got right, the end game fell flat. Nothing like putting 6-8 weeks into leveling a toon to find out that the end game sucks.

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