Enter the SWTOR Bikini Warrior (new podcast episode)

(note: this is a work in progress today, so sorry for any bugs!)


For years the good folks of Machiavellis Cat have been talking each others’ ears off, so we finally decided to let everyone else in on the conversation! Introducing Cat Context, the podcast by Liore and members of the Machiavellis Cat Gaming Community. Every few weeks we’re going to sit down for 30 minutes and talk about what’s new in MMOs and RPGs, what we’ve been playing lately, and what embarrassing stories we can share.

Our cohosts this week along with Liore are Ryven and Vajra. Topics this week include:

1. Guild Wars 2: is it going to be awesome, and did you pre-pay?
2. Skyrim mods: a little history and a look at their future.
3. Path of Exile: What’s it all about, and does this mean I don’t have to pay for D3?
4. SWTOR Patch 1.2: Yes, but is it fun?
5. What we’re playing: Triple Town! Tribes Ascend! TERA Online!

Some links you might be interested in after listening:

* Turns Out My Line In the Sand Is Here (Herding Cats article on GW2 pre-paying)
* 1.2 Pets and Rakghouls: SWTOR is worth revisiting (Herding Cats article on patch 1.2)
* The Skyrim Nexus (an official spot to get Skyrim mods)
* Path of Exile official website
* Free Music Archive page for our theme, in THE crowd by The Years

This is not only the first podcast speaking experience for all three of us, but it’s also the first experience I’ve had with recording, editing, and distributing said podcast! Feedback is very welcome, and I apologize for any sound glitches.

We’re on iTunes now!

Author: Jessica Cook

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  1. How am I still the only person who loved and missed Lineage 2 every day of my life

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