Happy Birthday to the Blog and Happy Holidays to You

A few days ago it was Going Commando‘s first blog birthday, which inspired me to look up the start date for Herding Cats and lo and behold it’s December 2008! That technically makes Herding Cats four years old, which is sort of mind boggling. Post #1 is about the guild’s first 25-man run of Naxx. Oh, nostalgia.

Over the years of course this blog has changed along with my interests and instead of just WoW guides and guild leading it’s much more generally about games and the gaming community, if there even is such a thing. I added the podcast in April of this year and I’m so glad I did. I really, really enjoy the whole recording and editing process and getting an excuse to hang out with Arolaide and Ellyndrial every other week.

I’d like to pretend that I do it all for the joy of self-expression, but while that’s somewhat true the fact is that four years of this blog and the creation of the podcast is really thanks to you. Yes, you, sitting right there. Thank you for reading and listening and linking and commenting and calling. Thanks for pointing out when you agree with me and when you think I’ve lost it. To my fellow bloggers, thanks for posting such interesting things that inspire me to write that next post.

So Happy Birthday, Herding Cats, and Happy Holidays to you. Thanks for stopping by over the last four years. <3 PS: I'm giving away Steam games on my Twitter feed all week, so come by if you like!

Author: Jessica Cook

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  1. Happy Blogiversary, and hope you have a fantastic 2013!

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