Making More Sad Faces at RIFT

I have been slightly tempted to check RIFT out again lately. (It’s all Game by Night‘s fault for talking about it on this week’s Game On podcast!)

For those just tuning in, I played Vanilla RIFT loyally for a couple of years and in fact it remains my favorite MMO ever. Some of the changes in their first expansion, Storm Legion, didn’t really work for me, and then they went free-to-play and suddenly a lot of my motivation for playing like silly hats and mounts and dimension furniture got stuck behind a paywall. So I quit.

Anyway, as if Trion could read my mind I just received an email from them about the new Budgie mounts. Budgie mount! Just look at this adorable thing:

rift budgie mount

My brain immediately decided that I must own this, so I checked out the details page. Bring on the grind! Just give me a reason!

Turns out they’re a rare drop from “Troves”, which sounds suspiciously like lockboxes. And while you get either one total or one each day (it’s unclear from the site) from questing, additional chances for a Budgie come from “visit[ing] the RIFT Store for additional Troves and Bird Seed!”.

A player did the math and concluded on the official RIFT forum that “[y]ou won’t be guaranteed to get a Budgie without spending credits”.

Ah. Well. So close, RIFT. So close.

Author: Jessica Cook

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    • Also less tangentially (sorry, was sort of disjointed earlier) I find this “lockbox” trend MMOs are going to infuriating (*Full disclosure: I like adorable mounts*); especially because they tend to load you down and taunt you constantly. Happened in GW2, happened in Neverwinter…
      Clockwork┬┤s last post: [ESO] Preorders and the “Imperial” Edition

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  1. Sounds like the same thing that happened with the mech mounts. Do a daily for one lock box, on each character, then you have to buy.

    Do stupid. I really hate this lock box bs as if I liked something I’d rather just pay outright for it. Never for a chance though. Unfortunately I think we have to wait until enough people get burned by them before they’re no longer profitable.

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    • Some games (SWTOR and STO come to mind) let you sell the contents at the AH for in game currency. When they do that I don’t mind so much because I have a secondary way of getting whatever it is.

      STO did flash “lockbox notifications” until you found the super secret way of turning the notifications off. Going by the frequency of those notifications, there were a lot of suckers!

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  2. Same as all of you — I hate lockboxes. It’s just gambling, and while I like gambling at certain times and places (Vegas, on games where I know the odds) I don’t like it in my mount collecting.

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