#Blaugust 28: The PAX Prime Experience (video)

I managed to get in a couple of hours on the expo floor at PAX Prime today, and I thought I’d record a bit of the experience. It’s loud, and crowded, and you walk a lot. It’s also a ton of fun.

(Note: this was just filmed with my phone.)

#Blaugust 27: What Am I Playing at PAX?

Today marks the beginning of PAX Prime here in Seattle, and I snagged passes for today and Sunday. There are a number of events that I’m looking forward to, such as visiting with Talarian at the Eon Altar booth, or the blogger lunch that has been arranged for Sunday afternoon. And of course I like just being part of the scene, man. PAX Prime, despite its ties to the Penny Arcade dudes, has always been a welcoming place where myself and others just chill out and enjoy the heck out of some video games.

But this year I realized that there aren’t really any games that I’m excited to check out. I’m much too impatient to hang around in lines without an extremely good reason. Any game that I like.. well, I’ll just play it myself when it comes out in 6 – 12 months. And I don’t want to stand in line for an hour to play a game that I’m not sure I’ll like! There are only a few big budget games that I want to play at the moment:

1) Gigantic. Everyone who has the opportunity to play this game says great things about it, so I wanna know what the deal is.

2) Overwatch. I actually don’t reeeeeeally care about Overwatch per se but a lot of other people do so I figure I should try and check it out.

3) No Mans Sky. Yes yes, I know the universe is huge, but what do you do in No Mans Sky?! WHAT DO YOU DO.

That being said I’m not going to wait for more than 30 minutes in line for any of the above, which probably means I won’t be able to play them.

That’s okay, though, because there’s always the indies! Every year I end up buying an indie game on the spot, like Escape Goat 2 or Containment: the zombie puzzler. In the indie section, the lines are short and the devs are happy to talk to you. It’s my kind of place. So what treasures will I discover this year?

#Blaugust 26: Review of Blue Apron on 8-Bit Kitchen

FIVE MORE POSTS after today, Blaugustinians! Great googly moogly.

We’re also heading into PAX Prime this weekend, and nerds from around the world are preparing right now to descend on Seattle. I have passes for Friday and Sunday, and it will certainly provide fuel for my final Blaugust posts. Right now I’m anticipating a video from the expo floor for Friday’s post, coverage of any announcements from the Trion Worlds party for Saturday’s post, and probably ambushing attendees at Sunday’s Blogger Lunch (PAX edition) with a microphone… again… for Sunday’s post.

Meanwhile, today’s post is a review of Blue Apron on 8-Bit Kitchen. I’ve had these photos for literally months, waiting for the motivation to make a post, and now I have.

See you tomorrow!

#Blaugust 25: Holy Grail Beauty Products

#Blaugust 25: Holy Grail Beauty Products

Beauty and gaming aren’t usually linked together. When I was a tween, I prided myself on being into “boy stuff” like computer programming and mechanics and movies with car chases. (Yes, I was indeed “not shallow like other girls”, a.k.a the common philosophy of the baby feminist.) For decades I resisted anything that would define me as “girly” — makeup and beauty stuff was definitely out, as was fashion, babies, and, ugh, anything with princesses.

One of the delightful things about getting older is realizing that most social rules are nonsense, and so eventually in my mid-30s I learned that it was entirely possible to be into video games and horror movies and nerd stuff and ALSO have strong opinions about nail polish brands. (If I wanted to.. it’s okay to not care about either side of that equation too.)

I’ve been making up for lost time since then, watching YouTube videos on how to create a smokey eye (I still have a 50% chance of looking like I’m cosplaying Furiosa) and looking forward to trying everything in my monthly Birchbox samples. As it turns out, I spend 30% more each year on beauty items than I do on games, subscriptions included. And I have no regrets!

So here are a few of the holy grail products that I have discovered over the last few years. As a frame of reference, I have a delightful trifecta of pale, sensitive, and oooooily skin.


  • Clinique Take the Day Off Cleansing Balm
    Love love love love love. Love! You need to be prepared to get your fingers dirty (putting a giant silver lid on this that shows every balmy fingerprint was a bad idea), but this will gently take off make-up and oil while rinsing clean. Forget eye make-up remover, because this is everything you need.
  • Nivea Creme
    Proof that good products don’t have to be fancy or expensive. $7 at your local drugstore will get you a ton of moisturizer for hands, feet, knees, and anywhere else that gets rough.


  • L’Oreal True Match Foundation Powder
    One day they will stop making this, and I will be the saddest panda in the world. It’s messy (my sink gets covered in spare powder) and you MUST use your own brush and not their terrible one, but this is the only foundation that looks natural and doesn’t make my skin freak out. I’ve been using this for literally a decade, if not more.
  • Verso Super Eye Serum
    So I used to be the queen of the eye cream samples. At home, travelling — no matter where I was, I would have a tiny free packet of eye cream with me and probably one to spare. Eventually I found one that convinced me it was worth the price. It is definitely a splurge item, but you don’t use very much and in my experience you will get actual results. Plus, it’s a retinol cream that doesn’t freak out my sensitive skin.

Right now I am particularly on the prowl for a mascara that will come off easier at the end of the day. Got any suggestions or a holy grail item of your own? Let’s trade secrets!

#Blaugust 24: Upcoming Horror Trailers of Note

I’m one behind for Blaugust, so a quick second post before bed. I wasn’t posting right now I’d be leveling in FFXIV. Ah hahaha, oh irony.

Movies, Films & Flix just shared a list of “Your Favorite 21st Century Horror Films That Don’t Appear on “Best of” Lists“. It’s a pretty interesting selection, with a healthy number of movies I haven’t seen yet and a few that I quite like — As Above, So Below and 30 Days of Night in particular. And Oculus. And Jeepers Creepers. Okay okay, so it’s a good list.

Anyway, it got me in the mood for catching up on the latest horror film trailers. Here are a few to keep an eye on:

In my opinion this trailer gives too much away about Goodnight, Mommy but even if I’m a little spoiled on the plot, I still want to see it.

Zombie.. alient.. ant.. people? Sorta? I like the trailer aesthetic and it looks gross.

Again, the trailer gives away much too much, but that cast is great. It looks like it’s a movie for fans of the genre, and I’m not above being pandered to occasionally.

The trailer is actually a little meh, but it hints at something that is totally my kind of horror movie if not also a legitimately good one.

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