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This is not a GamerGate post.

For you fortunate souls who don’t know what “Gamergate” is, beyond a very poorly formed word, it is a current huge drama storm in the gaming community that involves accusations of corruption in games journalism, a great deal of…

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Cat Context 58: The Gamer Questionnaire!

Liore is back and this week she sits down again with Ellyndrial and Arolaide to answer some of the questions in the blogger meme of the moment, the Gaming Questionnaire. Together they describe elements of their perfect video game,…

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Blaugust Ends and Other Things

If you haven’t noticed yet, as of Sunday I gave up on Blaugust. I was going to have to stop early this week anyway because of a vacation, but I just kind of ran out of steam. Thanks to…

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Yet more screenshots!

It’s 11:49pm so this totally counts for Blaugust. Also, just like two weeks ago, it’s the last minute and you get MORE SCREENSHOTS. I am truly terrible at doing anything on Saturday. Vanilla RIFT remains my favorite MMO ever.…

Ethical Gaming

Extra Life Intensifies

Is it that time of the year already? Extra Life 24-hour game-a-thon for Children’s Miracle Network Hospital is two months away! Over 2012 and 2013 myself and Ellyndrial have raised over $2000 for the BC Children’s Hospital and the…