Cat Context 32: Everquest Next revealed! PAX Prime is coming!

Cat Context 32: Everquest Next revealed! PAX Prime is coming!


cat context vertical Cat Context 32: Everquest Next revealed! PAX Prime is coming!

Everquest Next was revealed at SOE Live last week, and we’re talking about sandboxes, our crafting hopes, and of course voxels.

We talk about the announcement, including gameplay footage, the big technological promises, and .. fingerpainting? Some of us are still unimpressed, while others are Everquest fans who can’t wait to see what the latest edition holds.

Also, PAX Prime is coming up and as frequent attendees we look back at some of our favorite convention memories. What panels do we miss we hadn’t missed? What game demos were the best? Who is the most famous person we’ve seen? Will the PAX Prime show floor be the same without the perennial Bioshock: Infinite booth?

Arolaide is taking a break for baby-having reasons, but Liore is joined by usual co-host Ellyndrial and special guest Vajra!

Note: Liore’s mic is pretty borked for the first 10 minutes of the podcast. Sorry for the bad sound. Those responsible have been sacked.

It would be downright awesome if you gave us a vote on iTunes. :) This episode was originally livestreamed as a Hangout on Air!

* The Everquest Next reveal video, archived on Twitch.
* Massively on Scott Hartsman returning to RIFT.
* Free Music Archive page for our theme, in THE crowd by The Years


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A Survey of General MMO Podcasts

If you enjoy this kind of thing, below is a list of MMO podcasts, updated every couple of months. If I missed your favorite general MMO podcast let me know! I’m always on the prowl for more things to listen to.

(The first two on the list are my own podcasts, because I’m a jerk like that.)

Last Updated: July 31, 2014.

Cat Context We like MMOs, nostalgia trips, complaining about free-to-play, and games with really good hats. New episodes twice a month.

Game On for Hosts Chris and Jessica record weekly with industry news, reviews, and interviews from the world of MMOs and RPGs.

Beyond Bossfights Interviews with interesting gaming personalities about video gaming, the video game industry, and gaming culture.

Contains Moderate Peril

Horde House

How to Murder Time

Massive Failure

Massively Speaking The podcast for news site

The MMOsketeers The MMOsketeers is a show about the latest developments in the MMO gaming genre and the personal experiences of the hosts as they traverse the wide variety of massively multiplayer online games out there.

MMO Reporter

The Sandbox

A few possibly random notes on EverQuest Next

A few possibly random notes on EverQuest Next

Hey, did you hear about EverQuest Next?

The public finally got a look at the hush-hush title on Friday, and there was a flurry of positive response from both amateur game enthusiasts and the pros. Syp and j3w3l posted very thorough round-ups of blogging responses, so if you want an in-depth look at what we know about the game I’d suggest starting there.

As for me.. it’s pretty much the same response I have to every big new title: “hey that sounds neat, don’t screw up the implementation.” So let’s just skip that and mention a few things you may not read yet about EverQuest Next .

The armor looks a lot like WoW.

eqnext warcraft A few possibly random notes on EverQuest Next

Look at that image. See the giant shoulders? The diamond-shaped studs? The little dwarf cap? Remind you of anything? (For further proof, check out the armor on the lion dude from the in-game preview and tell me that doesn’t scream “Alliance guard”.)

Hey, there is nothing wrong with borrowing a little art direction from WoW and heaven knows Blizzard lifted a lot from EverQuest classic, but it’s still a striking similarity.

The technology has a good pedigree.

A lot of people have expressed skepticism about whether SOE can technically accomplish what they promised, and I share the concern. One fact that boosts my confidence is that two of the game’s more unique concepts come from good indie “labour of love” sources.

The promised AI sounds like Storybricks in action. The weird destructible environment uses the Voxel Farm engine, which was created by one guy with a crazy vision.

Of course this doesn’t ensure that it will all work, but my personal feeling is the strong “outsider” influence on the technology might just mean we’re going to see something actually different from other MMOs.

Be gone, question marks.

2013 08 05 02 01 33 TweetDeck A few possibly random notes on EverQuest Next






Voxels? VOXELS. I don’t actually know what “voxels” means but it’s damned fun to say. I have $5 on this becoming the newest MMO industry buzzword.

Does that have any effect on the potential success of Everquest Next? Not really.. I just wanted to say “voxels” some more.

Cat Context 31: Are we wild about WildStar yet?

Cat Context 31: Are we wild about WildStar yet?


cat context vertical Cat Context 31: Are we wild about WildStar yet?

WildStar released the final two races in their game, which gave us an excuse to talk about it! What race and class looks interesting so far? Do we think it’ll be out in 2013? Is the hype winning us over?

We also chat a bit about WildStar’s design style, the neat housing, and whether questing will be yet another explosion of punctuation marks.

Speaking of race and class limitations… we don’t like them! WildStar and most other MMOs seem to divide the playerbase into factions as a matter of course, but we think that hurts the “massively” part of MMOs. Let everyone be able to speak the same language and work towards the same goals. And if Liore wants to be a Pandaran paladin she should get to be one, dang it.

Also: Elly experiences the raw 80s graphic power of Blood Dragon! Arolaide (again) speaks of the majesty of the giant purple dildo bat in Saint’s Row 3! Liore is angry about swimsuits for RIFT’s Summerfest event!

As always Liore is joined by the most excellent Arolaide and Ellyndrial.

It would be downright awesome if you gave us a vote on iTunes. :)

* An article about how Railroads created the first time zones
* An actually good website about pet battles
* WildStar talks about the new races and shows off the beta housing competition entries.
* Free Music Archive page for our theme, in THE crowd by The Years


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The Curious Case of Pronunciation Book

This is not game related. Well actually, it might be game related! It’s definitely a weird thing that is happening on the internet.

Since 2010 YouTube user PronunciationBook has been producing videos with the pronunciation of (American) words that are either hard to say or are in current events. The videos are all quite simple: the words are written in black on a white screen while the same man says them slowly. Here’s a good example:

Pretty straight forward, right? Occasionally the PB announcer uses the word in a sentence. Sometimes the sentence seems a little odd, but hey, they’re correct and no one can blame the guy for wanting to have some fun with it. Check out the first contextual sentence for the yummy pepperoncini, for example:

A little strange, and quite evocative, but still useful for figuring out how to pronounce words! Pronunciation Book continued producing these videos on a regular basis for three years, earning almost 30,000 subscribers and even a parody channel.

Two weeks ago, something changed. This video is titled “How to pronounce 77″:

… yeah. Creepy as hell. Let’s listen to the following day’s video, “How to prounce 76″:

The videos have continued, one every day, with weird sentences and a threat or warning that something is going to happen on September 24th.

So just what the heck is going on? One popular theory is that we’re catching the beginning of an ARG. Maybe it’s for Battlestar Galactica, or perhaps for a new Halo game. The latter seems more likely, as Bungie has already proved themselves to be fans of the ARG genre with I Love Bees.

(Speaking of ARGS, one of my favorite internet moments ever is the day someone uncovered a phone number during The Beast, the 2001 ARG associated with the movie AI, and people called in trying to convince a real live person to “save” a captured character. I spent all day reloading the Cloudmakers theorycrafting forum, holding my breath. It all seemed so real.)

Of course September 24th could just be the day the Pronunciation Book guy posts his viral marketing resume, or a photo of his cat, or .. anything really. Three years is an awful long time to create a backstory, if this is all an ARG.

I do love a good creepy internet mystery though, and no matter what the final event turns out to be one thing is for certain: Something is going to happen in 57 days.

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