WildStar: A Visual Guide to Your Housing Plot

WildStar: A Visual Guide to Your Housing Plot

Look at my Esper! Isn’t she adorable? Last night I finally hit 14, which means I got my housing plot. It’s a little confusing at first though (although very similar to RIFT’s Dimensions), so I took a bunch of screenshots that might help future newbies.

2014 06 02 00 58 24 WildStar 6710 282x500 WildStar: A Visual Guide to Your Housing Plot

Once you hit 14, head to your area’s major city (Thayd for me). You’ll get a quest right away for the Protostar Housing Authority. Make sure you follow the questline and don’t just hop right to your house, as the reward is a bunch of cool furniture.

movepanel WildStar: A Visual Guide to Your Housing Plot

Once you zone up to your own personal floating island, you’ll see a new toolbar. By default it hovers at the top of your screen, but the little buttons on either side will attach the panel to your hotbars (left button) or move it to a vertical hotbar on the left side of your screen (right button).

Okay, let’s place a house! If you have the rockethouse from pre-ordering, claim it and then right click on it in your inventory to add it to your collection.

f1 WildStar: A Visual Guide to Your Housing Plot

Click on the Landscape button, highlighted here.

2014 06 01 22 08 56 WildStar 6710 500x394 WildStar: A Visual Guide to Your Housing Plot

The squares on the left represent the “plugs” on your island. Click on the 2×2 square with the symbol. You’ll see a list of possible houses. Click on one in the list (I went with the Spaceship) and click the “Place” button.

2014 06 01 22 09 55 WildStar 6710 500x417 WildStar: A Visual Guide to Your Housing Plot

Yes I’m sure!

2014 06 01 22 10 10 WildStar 6710 500x277 WildStar: A Visual Guide to Your Housing Plot

The “construction” only takes a few seconds.

2014 06 01 22 10 18 WildStar 6710 500x338 WildStar: A Visual Guide to Your Housing Plot

Home sweet rocket.

You can repeat this process with the other plugs under the landscape menu to add features. You’ll have some by default, and get other FAB Kits while you play. I went with a Survivalist gathering area, a “canyon” jumping puzzle challenge, and a pretty flower garden.

2014 06 01 22 09 22 WildStar 6710 500x399 WildStar: A Visual Guide to Your Housing Plot

So now you have some plugs, but what about furniture and things? First right click on any décor items in your bags. They are added to the décor menu, which has the additional benefit of freeing up bag space.

f3 WildStar: A Visual Guide to Your Housing Plot

Click the Crate button in your control panel. You’ll see a list of all your décor. Click on an item in the menu, and then click anywhere in the world to see and pre-place it. Then click the “Place” button.

2014 06 01 22 12 57 WildStar 6710 WildStar: A Visual Guide to Your Housing Plot

You can drag stuff around and rotate it with the simple menu. Want something more advanced? Okay, click on the advanced controls button, which is the wrench symbol second from the left. That will open up a huge panel of controls.

2014 06 01 22 13 33 WildStar 6710 WildStar: A Visual Guide to Your Housing Plot

Yikes. Checking the “Advanced Controls” checkbox at the bottom of that panel will add all those controls in a more visual way, which is just a smiiiiiidge overwhelming.

2014 06 01 22 14 11 WildStar 6710 WildStar: A Visual Guide to Your Housing Plot

So there you go! You have a house, some plugs, and pretty things.

Friday Five: Five Ways I’m Getting Ready for WildStar

Friday Five: Five Ways I’m Getting Ready for WildStar

It’s here! It’s here! It’s WildStar headstart day! Who knows what the future holds for the game, but for now I’m planning on stuffing my usual cynicism in a sock for a while and just enjoying the experience of a new game with my friends.

Have a wondeful weekend, y’all!

1) Planning Meals
I have to spend SOME time being a grown-up this weekend — dentists and laundry wait for no game — but I can make it a little easier on myself. I’m gonna stock up on low or no cooking snacks like carrot sticks and hummus and pita, and tonight I’m making a huge pot of bolognese sauce while waiting for the servers to come up. Quick pasta dinners all weekend!

2) Setting up my Authenticator
Folks who use authenticators get a 2% XP bonus and a cybernetic eyepatch. I don’t much care about the XP, except as a thing that will make Elly shout on this week’s Cat Context show, but cybernetic eyepatch you guys. I’m gonna need one of those.

3) Learning to Play
So I’ve decided to roll the one class I didn’t touch in beta! Nice job, Liore! Apparently I should be gathering gear with Moxie on it for DPS and Insight on it for Healing, but I might actually read a thing or two. Or maybe not. (100% melee crit gear healer, here I come.)

4) Installing Mods
Anyone who used a lot of mods in WoW knows the pain of patch day so I don’t want to go overboard, but there are a couple of mods that I really need right at launch. Namely, CustomFoV because the default Field of View hurts my brain, and JunkIt because I refuse to live without a “sell all junk” button.

wildstarheader Friday Five: Five Ways Im Getting Ready for WildStar

Dear Guild: Go here!

5) Herding Cats
My game community is named Machiavellis Cat (it’s a long story) and it has been my absolute pleasure to serve as Chief Cat Herder since 2006. While we are all pretty easy going now, I still expect to do a little of my border collie routine this weekend, making sure that everyone ends up on the same server, getting the Mumble info to returning and new folks, and actually making the guild. I can’t wait.

PS: I will be playing Liore on Exile Evindra. If you see me, say hi!!

No MMO May and Finishing Games

No MMO May and Finishing Games

Two quick points:

1) My friend and guildie Mellivora has started a blog! It is about games and sci-fi and nerd things! Check it out.
2) Wondering if it’s WildStar time yet? I created a handy tool to answer that question.


The topic of the week over at the Newbie Blogger Initiative is “Why don’t we finish games?”, and a number of new folks have written responses: Lock and Bolt, Missy’s Mojo, Mr. Luvvaluvva.

And while all of the above have written lovely and legnthy responses, my answer to why I don’t finish games is much simpler: MMOs! Sweet never-ending MMOs. When I’m playing an MMO, which to be fair is most of the time, my will to play and finish other games gets very weak. I can almost always find something to do in an MMO, and the occasional task or achievement completion gives me a small sense of satisfaction.

That is one of the reasons, in fact, that I declared May to be “No MMO May”. I haven’t even played an MMO beta for the past 27 days, and my Steam library has consequently seen a great deal of use. Behold some highlights:

The Bad

Surgeon Simulator – Why did I buy this!? I’m pretty sure I only spent like $2 on it during a sale, but that was still two dollars too many. I played this for about 5 minutes and then gave up.

The Last Testament of Sherlock Holmes – Another game I bought during a Steam sale. In this case the game itself might be okay, but I never got that far — apparently to make it run on my computer I would have to install some extra drivers, which required shutting off my firewall (?), which was just too much work. NEXT.

The Good

Bastion – I may be the last person to finish this 2011 indie hit, but I did it! Action combat games are not my core competency, as they say in the biz, but once I got the hang of Bastion it flowed pretty easily. The story and art are great, as you probably already knew.

Costume Quest – Not only from my backlog, but a random game I got in a bundle! This is an old Double Fine game and very much a joy to play. It feels like an old school RPG (grinding levels!). The combat is essentially all QTEs, which is fine with me, and the writing is cute. Use a controller if you play this!

Puzzle Quest – I’m still working on this one because it’s not exactly something you play for hours at a time, and apparently it’s quite long anyway. Puzzle quest combines “Match 3″ puzzles with RPG elements like levelling up a hero and conquering villages. This is a great game to play when you’re mellowing out a bit before bed.

Mass Effect – I finished it! I finally finished Mass Effect 1! And it was really good, like I knew it would be. Now I have to replay 2 and 3 with my latest Shep, obviously.

carth No MMO May and Finishing Games


Knights of the Old Republic – I finished Costume Quest, which is fairly short, and my epic Mass Effect journey, and discovered that I really wanted to sink my teeth into a solid RPG. And thus I started playing KotOR for the very first time. The graphics are … from 2003. The UI is … from 2003. The combat is … oh hell, the combat was probably incredibly janky in 2003 and is that much worse for wear now. But I am loving the story, the characters, and the world building. (I’m still playing this so no spoilers please!)

All in all, it has been a very successful No MMO May. It’s a good thing WildStar launches in another 4 days, or I might finish TOO MANY games. (I’m pretty sure that’s a thing, right?)

Friday Four: Let’s Plays I’m Watching Right Now

I watch Let’s Plays on YouTube more than I watch actual television. Sometimes they have my full attention, and sometimes they’re just good for putting on the second monitor while rep grinding. A lot of the appeal of a LP is the game itself, of course, but a great commentator — whether that’s funny or informative or whatever — can make me watch even the worst of games.

Anyway, here are some of the LP series that I’m watching right now. Have a great weekend!

1) Men Drinking Coffee play MindJack
I’ve talked about these dudes before because they are flippin’ hilarious. This time they’re playing MindJack, a terrible co-op game from 2011. RIP Sweet Steve.

2) Supergreatfriend plays 999
I don’t think I personally have the patience to play a visual novel. When I sit down to play a game, I am in the mood for gameplay, not reading really long descriptions of things! Fortunately there are troopers like Supergreatfriend. Here he plays 999, a murder mystery. This is good stuff, but very much a “second screen” kind of LP.

3) Slowbeef and Lowtax play Phantasmagoria
There are two reasons to watch this LP. First, Slowbeef and Lowtax are well-known funny dudes who are funny together. Second, Arolaide talks about her childhood struggle with Phantasmagoria a lot on the podcast, and now I know of her pain!

4) Kinch plays Spelunky
Okay, this one is sort of cheating because the videos are from my own YouTube channel, but not by me! My friend Kinch streams his Spelunky Daily Challenges, and occasionally I pop them on YouTube (with permission). He does a really good job of balancing talk about the game with entertaining patter, and more importantly these videos have created an explosion of Spelunky players in our gamer circle.

Tough Race and Class Decisions for WildStar

Tough Race and Class Decisions for WildStar

It’s less than two weeks until we get to play WildStar for realsies, and I still have no idea what class I’m going to play on my “main”.

I’ve already made my mind up — twice — about which race I’ll definitely be playing. For most of the game’s development I was all about the Mordesh, who had the benefit of looking pretty punk rock with all their space zombie face gadgets. Over time though I have become more and more enamored with the Aurin.

aurinhead Tough Race and Class Decisions for WildStar

I know! I’m as shocked as anyone! But thanks to the pre-launch boob reduction and the addition of body type options, Aurin have gone from being mandatory sexpot bunnygirls to being optionally not-necessarily-sexy goofballs. The silly hair, the gigantic eyes, over the top love of nature.. it’s a near certainty at this point that Liore will be an Aurin. Who knew?

As for class, I still have no idea. I know I want to be a class that can heal, because healing is my bag, baby, but beyond that all three of my options seem viable.

Spellslinger – Good burst heals, ranged role, heal by shooting teammates in the head. However, DPS is apparently pretty poor at the moment, burst heals rely on a resource mechanic, and weak for AoE heals.

Medic – Shields, big AoE heals (no targetting), strong DPS for questing, weapons look cool. However, requires being in medium/close range and lacking in single target heals.

Esper – High heal-per-second, ranged role, spells will shoot butterflies and turn you into a unicorn. However, low burst healing, only moderate survivability, and issues with mobility at low levels.

chua esper 500x312 Tough Race and Class Decisions for WildStar

A Chua Esper! I will be killing you in PvP!

Initially I thought I would be a Medic, because.. it’s called Medic, so surely it’s the best healing class! I also really like the Medic’s defibrilation paddles as weapons.

As it turns out though Medic is not the best healer by default, and I much prefer ranged over melee positioning. So then I looked at Spellslinger! It seems like a fun class, although I’m a little put off by all the word that its DPS is low because I’ll be spending the majority of the next few months questing for levels. Also, although it’s not a huge issue it turns out a lot of people in my guild are also going Spellslinger.

So then in the last week I’ve finally started looking seriously at Esper. The big complaint I’ve heard is that Esper suffers from a lack of mobility in a game that is all about movement. However, I’ve also read that Esper plays a lot like healers from other MMOs, WoW holy priest and RIFT’s sentinels in particular, which is me all over.

Long story short, it looks like I might be playing the one class that I didn’t touch for a single second in beta, and the one race I declared I would never, ever play. It’s a good thing the game is launching in 11 days before I change my mind… again.

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