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Extra Life Conclusion

Extra Life has concluded for another year, and I’m awake again! Let’s look at the numbers for 2015: * We raised over $1100!! * Together with Ellyndrial, Team TGEN raised over $2200 for children’s hospitals in the Vancouver and…

Real Life

Extra Life is TODAY!

Make a Donation! Starting in about half an hour I’ll be playing video games and livestreaming for the next 24 hours. Noooooo problem. As of this morning we have raised $975!! Can we hit $1000 before the day is…

Real Life

Extra Life is TOMORROW!

Make a Donation! Extra Life is almost upon us! Tomorrow morning I’ll be playing video games from 8 a.m. Pacific until 8 a.m. Sunday morning. We’ve currently raised over $875 for the Children’s Miracle Networks, and I’m going to…