The motivating terror of freelancing (real life stuff!)

Today is my last day at my job of almost five years. Tomorrow I become unemployed, or ideally more accurately… a freelancer.

Part of my reason for doing this, honestly, is need. I’ve been looking for a full-time gig in Seattle but I haven’t found one yet that I think is right. That’s okay — I’m not going to rush into a job that I don’t feel great about.

Part of it is just the way the tech world works. For the last 20 years I’ve been working in a series of start-ups, usually focused on e-commerce. Seattle is booming with such businesses, but start-ups are a young person’s game. I don’t want to work 14 hours days in an office anymore. I don’t want to be part of an organization that’s half-business, half-cult. And I don’t mean that as a slight: start-ups are frequently successful because of their evangelist employees and their fervent belief in a product or service.

In turn, I think the dotcom start-up world doesn’t necessarily want me so much anymore either. They look at my resume and see a 40-year-old woman who might have a family, and for many sleek tech companies that just isn’t appealing. I’ve seen a number of random comments online lately about how people over 40 don’t understand the internet or we’re all just soccer moms on Facebook and even though it isn’t true — I was running a chat board on stacks of 2400 bps modems before you were born, sonny! — it’s going to become more and more of an uphill battle each time I need a new job.

I’ve been putting the wheels in motion for this change for a few weeks now, and it’s already pushing my boundaries in new and exciting ways. Self-promotion is essential and something I’m not entirely comfortable with yet. I had a meeting with a new client last week to discuss their needs and I was as amazed as they were to discover that yes, I do know what I’m doing and I can actually help them.

And despite the note of terror that might be running through this post, I am infinitely excited for the future. I love writing, I love learning about new things, and I have no problem putting in the odd 14-hour day when it’s my own name on the line. I’m a bit of a control freak (cue false shock from my friends) and the idea of being fully in control of my schedule is thrilling. I welcome more variation in my projects, and I see the hustle to find a stable stable (hmm) of clients as a challenge to be gloriously beaten rather than some glum task.

Don’t get me wrong: If Bioware called me up tomorrow and said, “We’re putting together our community team for Mass Effect 4 and we need you, Liore” I would say.. well first I would ask how they got my number, but then I would say yes. But barring that I think it’s time to make my own opportunities.

It’s all up to me now. Oh god, what have I done.

Do you have a webpage or app that needs words? I love words! I’ve written marketing content for Costco, Walmart, Staples, and more, and now I will write it for you. If you have a landing page, blog, help section, email campaign, or anything else that could use a little love from an experienced content marketer check out my portfolio and send me an email. Thanks. :)

The MOST Irritating Thing about Final Fantasy 14

The MOST Irritating Thing about Final Fantasy 14

Earlier this week I wrote a list of Five Irritating Things About Final Fantasy 14 and folks in the comments contributed some excellent additional suggestions of their own.

One frequently mentioned irritation was not being able to queue for Duty Roulette while you have your chocobo companion out, which is indeed totally ridiculous. But there was one piece of grit that bothered people above all others, something so totally irritating that I was actually shocked that I didn’t think to include it on the original list. To explain, let’s look at my chat log from the first 10 minutes or so of last night’s game session:

final fantasy 14 gold spam

The pink text indicates whispers/tells, and as you can see it’s allllll gil spam. In my experience every other channel is 100 percent gil spam free, but whispers are just a mess. Some people in my Free Company just dump all whispers to a separate chat tab to be reviewed later, and many have turned them off completely which is kind of weird if you think about it. I use whispers all the time in other MMOs, but that whole channel has been rendered useless in FFXIV.

It makes me wonder how a lack of private one-on-one messaging could subtly affect a game’s culture. Everyone I’ve encountered in FFXIV, whether in the Free Company or a random dungeon, has been extremely nice but I suppose even if someone did want to whisper me about what a noob I was they would be out of luck. It would also funnel conversation to public or semi-public channels — you can’t tell just one person about that rare mob spawn you discovered, but instead are compelled to inform everyone in the area.

As much as I can theorycraft possible positive aspects to not having private message functions, at the end of the day the army of gil spammers is pretty awful and turning off whispers is far from a great long term “solution”.

Cat Context 71: Cities: Skylines and Other Sims, Final Fantasy Hotpants

Cat Context 71: Cities: Skylines and Other Sims, Final Fantasy Hotpants


Like Cat Context? Check out the The Gaming and Entertainment Network for more great shows!

This week Liore, Ellyndrial, and Arolaide are joined by their friend Aurelia to talk about city builders, being mean to sims, and Final Fantasy roadtrips.

Liore and Aurelia are both old hands at city builder games, and they are equally in love with Cities: Skylines. Mad props are given to civil engineers who take the time to create virtual intersections, and Aure tells the dirty truth about Liore-topia’s sewage system. While Elly and Aro are not particularly into city builders for various reasons, they do get particularly excited when talking about all the horrible things they did with their Sims back in the day.

Arolaide has a copy of the Final Fantasy 15 demo, and we all talk a bit about the evolution of Cid from grizzled mechanic to wearer of hotpants. Is Final Fantasy going a little overboard with the sexy? And what is the deal with the whole roadtrip scenario, anyway?

Also, Arolaide drank $1000 of beer over the weekend and lived to tell us all about it! Liore played Tropico 5 and is not terribly psyched about it! Elly tries yet again to make everyone watch Dungeon Siege!

Like to watch? This podcast has a livestreamed video version:

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* DOA: Dead or Alive on Amazon Prime (with affiliate link)
* The Final Fantasy 15 trailer on YouTube
* Timboh’s Marvelous Interchange Emporium on Steam workshop
* Polygon on the Changing Looks of Final Fantasy’s Cid
* Free Music Archive page for our theme, in THE crowd by The Years

5 Irritating Things About Final Fantasy 14

5 Irritating Things About Final Fantasy 14

Starting tomorrow (at about 8 a.m. EDT) check out my new column on, titled Around the Neighborhood! Every Wednesday you can find highlights of some great and interesting writing from the MMO/RPG blogosphere. I’ll leave the exact posts for people to explore tomorrow, but you can expect to see mention of In An Age, Gamer by Design, Casual Aggro, and more. Hooray!


I love Final Fantasy 14, right? It’s so nice to feel like I have a home and a Free Company. But even great games aren’t perfect and just like with every other title there are things that irritate me. (Sometimes a lot. It depends on how much coffee I’ve had that day.)

final fantasy 14 fieldcraft leves
1. Fieldcraft Leves
In Final Fantasy 14 you can level all three gathering skills, or fieldcraft as they’re known in the game, and in fact you probably will. But unlike other games once you get past about level 20 you want to give up on actually going out and gathering because the XP needed to level is just too extreme. Instead, players should use “Fieldcraft Leves” — aka a kind of daily quest — to earn XP. And while that’s fine, it just doesn’t feel as satisfying to me as a reasonable grind out in the wilderness.

2. No Costuming Until 50
It kind of sucks that we can’t start costuming until our first level 50 character. I may be a mere level 39 who tends to just run around rather than complete quests, but I have a sweet pair of level 7 hipster glasses in my bags and I want to wear them noooooow.

Final Fantasy 14 Chocobo outfit
3. You Can’t Ride a Horse and Have a Chocobo Companion
Final Fantasy 14 gives players the option of having their chocobo along as a battle companion who can be specced to heal, tank, or DPS. And while that is super cool and very helpful while questing or running FATES, for whatever reason if you have a chocobo companion active you must also ride it as your mount. I love the “Summon Random Mount” button, but not being able to use it with a companion is a bummer. Sometimes you just wanna ride a unicorn around like a smug white mage, y’know?

4. No Duty Finder Roulette with Friends
One of the best ways to earn XP in FFXIV is running the daily Low Level Duty Roulette, which sends you to a random low level dungeon. Unfortunately, you can’t queue for this in a party which means you never get to run the daily duty with friends. And I don’t just mean a full group — even you and a single friend are unable to queue together! I understand what the design goal is with this set-up, but it’s still irritating.

Final Fantasy Hat
5. Clipping
I know, I know, clipping is probably unavoidable in MMOs what with all the different costume pieces and customizable player characters, but that doesn’t make my current hat and staff combo any less disappointing to behold.

Waiting for Heavensward

Waiting for Heavensward


The upcoming expansion for FFXIV, Heavensward, became available for pre-order yesterday. While I’m not planning on pre-ordering myself until a couple of weeks out from the June launch I wanted to see how much it costs and what goodies would be included in the Special Edition so I sat down with the feller to look at the webpage and sort it out. A conversation much like this one ensued:

L: “Wow, the physical Collector’s Edition includes a dragon statue. I bet that’s expensive!”
F: “Yeah, but it comes with an art book. Oh and some in-game stuff like a hat and a griffin mount.”
L: “So are those included in the digital Special Edition?”
F: “No, I think that must have different bonuses because these are just for the CE.”
L: “I’m cool with that. If you spend that kind of money on the physical CE you are weird and deserve your own hat.”
F: “… I kind of want to get the CE.”
L: “Huh. Okay, so moving on. Look, a earring and circlet set for your character, and a pet! That must be the digital SE bonus.”
F: “Those are the pre-order bonuses. I think? So you should get those and more.. probably. I’m not really sure anymore.”
L: “Ugh, trying to buy a new game is the worst.”

Seriously, people, all the bonuses for this version and different bonuses for that version, pre-orders if you buy here but not there, that’s a different pre-order — enough. I just want the digital download with the fanciest hats. That’s all!

I mean, I’m the person who spent $60 to buy Warlords of Draenor six months before it came out and I still haven’t played it so clearly I will spend all kinds of stupid money when it comes to MMOs. And I’m having a blast in FFXIV so of course I’d get the expansion. But publishers, if you have to have tiers of purchases and pre-order bonuses please make it easy for me to see what you’re offering so I can click a button and give you money.

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