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Cat Context 88: Annual Trivia Challenge, 2015!

This week Liore challenges Team Arolaide (Aro and Corr) and Team Ellyndrial (Elly and Vajra) to a cunning battle of wits! Also, trivia. Behold an hour of multiple choice questions, anagrams, rebus puzzles, and other tricky questions that cover…

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2015 in Review: MMOs!

One year-end roundup you won’t see here is games in general, and that’s because we’re going to cover it all on the December 30th episode of Cat Context. (This next episode is our annual trivia challenge, always one of…

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2015 in Review: Music!

So, let’s talk about the State of Liore’s Music. I have almost no exposure to current North American pop music, and I’m pretty happy with that. If something particularly amazing comes along often the internet will alert me, but…


Cat Context 87: The Best Game of All Time

This week Liore, Arolaide, and Ellyndrial conclusively and definitively identify the best game of all time. … okay maybe not. GameFAQs, on the other hand, is currently holding a vote for the best game of all time and thanks…