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Bullet Journalling: my first spreads

You may have seen the post on Dragons and Whimsy last week about planners, and there must be something in the air because my social circles have been all about bullet journals. Obviously I was going to get involved…

Real Life

Blaugust!: drugstore skincare recommendations

One of the posts I wrote during Blaugust last year in a fit of topic-seeking was about Holy Grail Beauty Products, and while it’s a subject that only interests part of my audience for sure, it kicked off a nice…

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Saturday Transmog Fashion Show

I complained about some of the limitations of the updated transmog system in WoW a couple of weeks ago, but let’s be honest — the only reason I wish the system and models were better is because it’s so…

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Wrtiting #TBT

Blaugust is here again, only this year it’s a revised, “chill” edition where the goal is to blog on a schedule, and not necessarily every day. I appreciate the change — I finished the 30 day challenge last year, but…