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One of the things I’ve been interested in lately is video editing. I’m pretty used to audio editing at this point thanks to almost two years of doing the podcast, but video editing is an entirely different beast. It’s fussier in some ways, and has many more moving parts, but also lots opportunities for fun editorial tricks.


A segment-in-process

Back in December I decided to start doing a short video show about movies, along with a few friends. The idea behind Totally Legit Movies is to talk about underappreciated gems — movies that weren’t appreciated in their day but deserve more love. My personal taste in movies tends to run towards horror and cult films, and those will definitely have ample representation in each episode. But really there are movies that undeservedly slipped under the radar in every genre, and fortunately I have friends like Ellyndrial (and a few other familiar faces from Cat Context) who love comedies and animated movies and blockbusters and more to help drag them back into the spotlight.

(In a future episode we are going to make other hosts watch a “classic” that they haven’t seen yet, and you guys, Elly has never seen The Shining. I cannot wait to share the joy of REDRUM! REDRUUUM!)

So anyway, behold! A video! This first episode talks about slasher movie You’re Next (2013) and amazing cult classic Tank Girl (1995). What’s your favorite underappreciated movie?

Author: Jessica Cook

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    • That is Sony Movie Studio, the consumer version of Sony Vegas. They do a free 30-day trial on their website, for what it’s worth, and I really like it.

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